Pat Kilroy
by. Denise Kaufman ...circa '68-'69


Pat Kilroy was here and now
Christmas eve - white hospital - silver tinsel tree -
green and blue ornaments
And how is he? - won't let me see him
took a turn for the worse
these beads I made for him please place them round
his neck when he awakens
Fire popping flaming Christmas day bright colored wrappings
fade away to fire into flame
cold telephone against my lips she said he died this morning in his sleep
thank you I say and drift away
(Merry Christmas)

My brother on your day of birth I'm tapping at the borders
stopped here at the corners where I'm feeling very small and helpless
I can get no farther there's no bridge within
Help me know, my brother, that what appears to be an end
is just the changing of a garment which is shed
when its use is over
And let me not mistake the garment for the wearer

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