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The Ace of Cups

San Francisco's original all-woman band

Marla, Denise, Mary Ellen, Diane and Mary (left to right) found each other during the 60's as the San Francisco scene was just beginning. They were in the middle of it: Haight Ashbury and Waller St. where they played their first few notes, in Golden Gate Park's Panhandle where the Diggers fed those who were hungry , where artists made paintings, where jewelery was made from acorns, where children played ball with the smell of patchouli oil in the air, and where they opened for Jimi Hendrix. It was a creative time when you could choose to pursue anything that was new. This was a new beginning and people could be anything that they wanted. The music was the most important thing and the most fun. They played for the sake of the music, not for the possibility of stardom, although there were no other girl bands around during that time in San Francisco and the possibility was there. The Ace of Cups' name came from the Tarot card: 5 streams of water flowing from the hand of the Almighty and the 5 girls going with the flow to see where this music would take them. It took them to the Straight Theater on Haight St., the Avalon Ballrom, the Fillmore, where Bill Graham introduced their opening, the Carousel Ballroom, on the road with Jefferson Airplane to Vancover, Canada and to Winterland opening for The Band. In Chicago, where they opened for Muddy Waters and Michael Bloomfield, they went to the south side with renowned drummer Sam Lay where he had the Ace of Cups play at his club. Not bad for a girl group just wanting to write and play their songs.
Over the years the Ace of Cups have remained in contact with each other and recently had a reunion on Kauai, Hawaii where they played and recorded music, swam in the ocean, broke bread, and celebrated a record deal with Ace Records.


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(left to right) Back: Mary Ellen, Diane, Marla . Front: Denise, Mary


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